Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Proficiency Options

In addition to learning new weapons, weapon proficiencies can by used for the following:

Weapon Mastery

  • Weapon Mastery replaces weapon specialization.
  • Each proficiency slot devoted to a weapon beyond weapon proficiency grants a +1 to attack and damage rolls when wielding that weapon. One slot may be devoted to a single weapon per 3 fighter levels.

Weapon Style Specialization

Weapon Style Benefits
Florentine Reduce all penalties for fighting with two weapons by two.
Horse Archer Reduce all penalties to attack rolls with a bow while mounted by 2 points.
One-Handed Style -1 bonus to armor class when wielding a single one-handed melee weapon and your off-hand is free
Two-Handed Style Reduce the initiative modifier with a two-handed weapon by 3. When wielding a one-handed weapon with two hands add +1 to your damage roll.
Two-Weapon Combat You may wield any one-handed weapon as an off-hand weapon.

Allowed Style Specializations from C&T: Horse Archer, One-Handed, Two-Handed
Allowed Style Specializations from CF: Weapon and Shield Style

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Weapon Proficiencies

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